The Tenant Scrutiny Panel (TSP) consists of 10 tenants whose job it is to investigate and scrutinise the company’s services and policies.

Following the completion of a scrutiny review, we attend the Performance & Improvement Committee (P&I) and present our findings and make any necessary recommendations. An agreed action plan is then made with the relevant service to support the delivery of our recommendations. 

Feedback and progress are then reported back to TSP and P&I until all recommendations are completed.

When and how we meet

The Panel meets EVERY 3rd WEDNESDAY of the month at the Civic Building. Meetings commence at 10:30am. Virtual attendance via Microsoft Teams is available with notice given.

How we carry out our scrutiny work

Reports – This allows us to focus on one issue or specific area of policy, in detail and is evidence based. A scoping document is agreed with the relevant Heads of Service and a detailed report is presented to the Performance and Improvement Committee with our recommendations.

Desktop Review –
This allows members to familiarise ourselves with a policy which is usually presented by a service manager or Head of Service. No report is necessary. The minutes of our meetings capture any questions panel members ask.

Meet the elected panel members

The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are elected by the Tenant Scrutiny Panel members.

  • Mo Tennison - Chair
  • Harry Wood - Vice-Chair
  • Rodger Haldenby - Secretary

Current panel members

We have some great representatives on the Tenant Scrutiny Panel who all work together with the aim of representing your views when it comes to reviewing and challenging the services that St Leger Homes' provide.

  • Brenda Lennon          
  • Emery Sindijjue        
  • Luke Laister
  • Harry Wood              
  • Edward Cristian
  • Cameron Hickman
  • Therese Kennedy
  • J.Kelly

TSP work in 2022/2023

In 2022/2023 the TSP worked with St Leger Homes to review the following:

•    Metro-clean agreement 
•    Antisocial behaviour 
•    Estate walks

As well as carrying out a full review of the service shown above, the Tenant Scrutiny Panel also carried out desk top reviews in 2023 on the following:

•    Review of the Tenancy Agreement
•    Draft Damp, Mould and Condensation Policy
•    Housing Management Policy 

Our Forward plan
2023-24 – Q4
  • Mystery Shopping  (Bootcamp)
  • Recharge Policy  (Report)
  •  Expense & Rewards (Report)
2024-25 – Q1
  • Damp Mould&Cond (Report)
  • Impact of Flooding  (Desktop Review)
  • Website & Comms  (Desktop Review)


Our Forward Plan is subject to change due to the needs of the company and Scrutiny Panel.


Tenant Scrutiny Reviews and Action Plans

Anti Social Behaviour Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 161Kb

Estate Walks Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 119Kb

Metro Cleaning Scrutiny Review Action Plan

pdf | 67Kb

If you are interested in joining the Panel, register using the form below or contact us on:

Panel Secretary Details

Rodger Haldenby


Officer Contact Details    

Asim Munir - Engagement & Communications Service Manager Email 

Alison Alcock - Customer Involvement Officer Email 



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