Please be aware

We will need to access your home for certain inspections. In compliance with the terms of your tenancy, you can help us by allowing our staff into your home to undertake any necessary tests when needed.

Living in our homes

Living in one of our homes is more than just renting a property. You are part of a wider community in our amazing city.

There's lots of ways we can work together to make sure everyone enjoys their home and neighbourhoods, keep safe and get on with our every day lives.

However, we appreciate it's not always plain sailing, so we also have lots of ways you can let us know when something isn't quite right.

Looking after our estates 

We are committed to working with you and our partners to build confident communities. 

Looking after our estates is crucial to looking after your home and local community. 

We aim to implement and maintain the high standards that all our customers have a right to expect. 

Looking after your estate is overseen by our Estates Management teams, who look after everything from the maintenance of the estate and the local environment to problems of antisocial behaviour and nuisance. To find out who is there to support you, in which area of the city click on the Our Housing Officers link below.

Help us maintain a neighbourhood you can be proud of

We value your help and active participation in maintaining the high standards you expect of your home and local neighbourhood. 

You can; 

  • Get involved  in the improvement of your neighbourhood by joining your local Tenants and Residents Association (TARA)     

  • Be a good neighbour 

  • Adhere to the conditions of your Tenancy Agreement

  • Report any problems of anti-social behaviour, graffiti, rubbish or abandoned cars 

  • Let us know if you suspect a home has been abandoned 

  • Contact us if you are concerned about anti-social behaviour by completing our reporting ant-social behaviour form

  • Send us your comments on any matter relating to the improvement of your home or neighbourhood 

  • Join us on your local estates walk by contacting your Housing Officer for details. To find out who is there to support you, in which area of the city click on the Our Housing Officers link below.


Paying your rent

Your rent pays for your home and the services we provide for you. We know everyone is different, so we offer a range of flexible payment options for you to pay your rent in a way that suits you and your circumstances.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping your home in a good state of repair is one of our most important services. Nearly all of the work we do is completed by our in-house team of operatives who provide a round the clock service to make sure that from you picking up the phone, to one of our operatives knocking on your door, we provide a professional and quick service. 

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Estate inspections

Estate inspections, commonly known as estate walks, take place on a regular basis.

These walks are carried out to highlight areas of concern and to make sure that the general appearance of your estate is satisfactory.  

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New tenancy information

So, you're moving into one of our homes for the first time. That's fantastic news! Now, what do you need to know about your new tenancy?

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Our Housing Officers

Looking for your local housing contact? Look no further! Here you'll find exactly who you're looking for.

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Get involved!

Help us to improve our services, change the way we do things for the better and generally let us know how we're doing. Get involved in one of our many engagement opportunities!

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Estate Reports

Read the latest details about the many ways our local area teams have been making a difference in communities across the borough.

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Let us know how we're doing and help improve our services

We welcome any views or comments you may have about our service standards you can make suggestions by using the form below or by email to 

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