If you are an applicant from Platinum band and have been offered a St Leger Homes property you may be eligible to apply for a St Leger Homes Furnished Tenancy. Furnished Tenancies aim to provide essential domestic appliances and essential items of furniture to help you set up a home. The charge for this service is paid for as an additional weekly service charge on top of your weekly rent, the charge will depend on the items you need. If you are eligible for any Housing Benefit or Universal Credit Housing costs then this charge can be fully or partly covered by these benefits.

If you would like to be considered for a furnished tenancy please request an assessment at the point you are offered a St Leger Homes property and someone will be in touch to check your eligibility and affordability for the scheme.

Alternatively, you can be referred to the Wellbeing team Doncaster and they might be able to assist you with obtaining some white goods, e.g. fridge, freezer, or seeing if you are eligible for any other benefits. Please let us know if would like us to refer you to their services. You can see more on: Wellbeing - City of Doncaster Council or ring on 01302 735553.  

Additionally, you might be eligible to claim for white goods and furniture under the Local Assistance Scheme. You must be on any means tested benefit, and normally only one award from the Local Assistance Scheme will be made to you or your household within a 12-month period unless there are exceptional circumstances. You can apply here: Local Assistance Scheme application form - City of Doncaster Council