Who we are

We are the Tenancy Support team at St Leger Homes.  We have a team of Officers who can help with numerous issues around your finances and managing your tenancy.  

What we do

If you are having problems managing your tenancy, claiming benefits, problematic debts or generally struggling to budget to pay your rent, we may be able to help you.  We offer a range of support services, including help with: 


  • dealing with rent arrears 
    claiming the right benefits 

  • budgeting  

  • help to find employment 

  • help with paying a rent shortfall 

  • help with gas and electric 

  • help with Yorkshire Water debts 

  • help moving into a new St Leger property 

  • help with downsizing to a more affordable property 

  • help accessing support for mental health issues 

  • help accessing support addiction problems 

  • help after the death of a family member  

How we can help

Our team offers support to tenants in your own home, over the phone, by email or a local meeting place, whichever suits you best.  Our team will listen to you to understand your support needs and help you to prioritise any issues and deal with them in a non-judgmental way.  If you are struggling to cope with your finances then please contact us as soon as possible, to avoid the issues becoming too unmanageable for you.  To make a referral to the team, please complete this referral form.

What our customers say about us

When our support ends we ask our customers for feedback and 98% of customers who used our service were very satisfied with the service they received.   


Here are some of their comments: 

"I want to thank you for all the help and support you gave me" 

"Thank you. I am lost for words" 

"Very helpful, I feel a lot better about everything" 

"She has been lovely, she has listened to me and helped me so much in a dark time" 

"The fact that this service was available has been a great relief and truly helpful" 

"Tenancy Support have been amazing" 

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You can contact our Tenancy Support team via the online form, or phone on  01302 862050

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