Energy Information 

Are you worried about the increasing cost of energy?  Millions of people are facing large increases in household bills. Have a look at our useful information below to see if you can get any help or advice. 

Ways to save energy and lower your fuel bill

There are small things you can do to try to save energy in your home.  You can find further information on energy saving tips and advice on the Doncaster Council website here: Energy Saving Advice and Grants - Doncaster Council

You can also get advice and support from the National Energy Action website.

Can I get any help with my energy bill

Most of the big energy companies have trusts and funds that may be able to help if you are struggling to pay your bills.  You can find further information here:  

Can I get any financial help with my water bills?

Yorkshire Water have several schemes that may be able to help you pay your bill, depending on your circumstances, including Water Sure, Water Support, Community Trust and Resolve.  Working in partnership with Yorkshire Water, we can help you to apply for any of these schemes. You can also  find more information here: 

Is it cheaper to have a water meter?

Depending on how many people live in your home and your water usage, it may be cheaper to have a water meter installed to save money on your bills. You can find out further information from Yorkshire Water here: 

If you wish to have a water meter installed in one of our properties please follow this link: permissions ( 

I am struggling to pay my bill

There are many places you can get help and advice if you are struggling to pay your bills. Firstly contact your bill provider, they may be able to save you money on your bills or be able to help you with payments. 

You may also want to check that you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to. You can do this by visiting our benefitspage and completing the online calculator. 

If you need any assistance with this or you are still unsure of what you need to do our Tenancy Support team are here to help. You can read about how they can help you here

You can request support by calling the team on 01302 862050.

Cost of living issues

Times are very hard at the moment as we struggle with the increased cost of living.   You can find useful information regarding all areas of this via the Cost of Living Hub: 

The government also have a number of grants available. See their Help for Households page for more details.

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