City of Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes of Doncaster are committed to deterring fraud and, where it does take place, we will investigate it fully and take the appropriate action.

There are specific types of fraud related to City of Doncaster Council tenancies, including:

•            Application fraud: lying about your circumstances to get a property or higher priority banding.

•            Illegal sub-letting: when a tenant does not live in their property and then rents part or all of it out to somebody else.

•            Right to Buy / Right to Acquire fraud: lying or providing false information to enable them to buy their property when they would otherwise not be entitled to.

•            Non occupation: when a tenant has a property but does not live in it and lives somewhere else instead.

•            Succession fraud: lying about living in a property in order to get the tenancy after someone has died.

If you suspect fraud is taking place that affects St Leger Homes of Doncaster you can contact us on 01302 862862 or email