With the cost of living being a concern for many people we have put together a guide of where to access help in our Cost of Living Crisis guide and there is also lots of useful information on the City of Doncaster website here: Cost of Living - City of Doncaster Council.

Additional information can be found below and on our other pages.  

Doncaster council have also put together a cost of living websiteand also a winter support booklet which provides lots of useful information and advice. They also have advice on their Your Life Doncaster page and Your Place Team are available for support

Government Help

The government have made a number of support payments available. Please see their website for updated information.

You can see when payments of this support are due here.

If you need any help or advice about any of these please contact us

Energy Advice

There is lots of useful information on our energy page.

You may also find the following helpful: 

Money Advice

You can check you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to by using the online benefit calculator. Our Benefit pages also gives advice about different benefits and eligibility for these benefits

Our Household Budgeting pages gives lots of advice and tools to help you manage your budget.

If you are struggling with money and need further advice please see our page on places to get help.

If you any further help with this and think you may benefit from tenancy support, please see our page on this service and how to get help from our Tenancy Support Team.

Help with food

The rising cost of food affects us all and can be worrying. There are lots of places to get advice online and on social media on ways to cut down your food bill and to cook healthy low cost meals. Below are a few websites that you may want to look at but there are many more available: 

It is also worth looking at supermarkets websites and social media as they regularly run campaigns around cutting down food bills. 

You can access alist of foodbanks on our places to get help pages, but please check opening times before travelling as these are subject to change. You if you require a referral to a food bank please contact us on 01302 862862.

Cost of Living Hub
Cost Of Living Hub Logo (1)

We understand that it's not easy to talk about money or ask for help. There will be a Cost of Living Hub at Ragusa Drive Communal Hall that St Leger Homes is part of, along with other partners such as:

  • St Leger Homes
  • Citizens Advice
  • Community First Credit Union
  • Jobcentre Plus (working age)
  • Stronger Communities
  • Live Inclusive

The Cost of Living Hub is a safe and supportive space where you can come for guidance. It will take place on Wednesday 10 January, between 11am and 1pm. 

If you can't attend the hub and need our advice, please see above for more information or contact us at 01302 862862.

Click the link for more information about the partner agencies involved 

Citizens advice

Citizens Advice Doncaster is an independent, local charity and a member of the Citizens Advice network. We provide free advice and support to meet the needs of our community. This includes advice on a range of problems, such as with work, debt, benefits, immigration, housing and more. We’re here to help everyone who lives, works or studies in the Doncaster Borough. 

Community First Credit Union

Community First Community Bank offers a wide range of banking services. A comprehensive range of junior, adult, and business accounts, easy access to affordable loans, and services to suit customers from all walks of life are available. Community First has branches across South Yorkshire - in Mexborough, there is a branch just across the road from the central post office on Main Street.

Jobcentre Plus (working age)

The DWP can support with finding work and/or training, helping with your job search, doing a benefits calculation to see what you are entitled to & seeing how much better you could be in work. 

Stronger Communities 

We work with families that require support across a number of areas to help get them back on their own feet, this includes, but is not limited to, physical and mental health, finances, and housing.

Our team works in conjunction with wellbeing officers to provide single people with support for their physical and mental wellbeing. This can include providing white goods, supporting applications for funding, and providing food support.

Live Inclusive

Live Inclusive is a charity that aims to support disabled people and people with long term health conditions to live independently.

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire's leading provider in essential water and waste water services. Helping you to understand how to reduce water bills and usage.


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