Our priority is to help you stay safe in your home – but we need you to help us do this. 

Did you know that your home is the place where accidents are most likely to happen? 

More people are injured in their own homes than anywhere else – around 3 million people each year need hospital treatment after an accident at home.     

Many accidents result from everyday activities such as children playing, DIY, or preparing food, with some leading to serious injury or even death. 

The biggest single cause of accidents is human error, but with common sense and awareness of where dangers are, many accidents can be prevented.  

At St Leger Homes, we try to make sure that your homes are as safe as possible. But the best person to look after your safety is you. 

If you spot something in or around your home which might be, or is likely to become a safety hazard, please report it to us. 

Please report repairs to our Customer Access Team.