The enclosed garden service is a chargeable service available to only St Leger Homes tenants. 

There are three pricing bands available, and this will be dependent on the size of the garden and whether hedges are required to be maintained.   

  • Band C (minimal garden) 

  • Band B (medium) and C (medium plus hedge) 

  • Band D (large garden) and E (large garden + hedge) 

  • We will cut your lawns 6 times between March and October. 

  • We will cut all grassed areas within your garden(s) and clear the grass cuttings. 

  • We will strim your lawn hedges and the areas where the mowers cannot reach and leave a neat finish. 

  • If you are in Band B and C or E, we will cut your hedges and remove all hedge cuttings once a year during September-October. 

  • We will maintain all shrub beds (including roses) in your garden and remove all cuttings over 3 visits between October and March. 

  • We will attend to the borders within your garden, remove any weeds, cut back any brambles and tidy vegetation in your garden. 

At the time of joining, if the garden is overgrown and in need of extra work then a quote can be provided for a one off charge to bring it to an acceptable standard where then it can be maintained throughout the year. 

The full Summer and Winter Scheme of 9 visits in total are charged weekly over 52 weeks, however options are available for a bespoke service to suit the garden work requirements. 

  • Pay for the service in advance preferably by Direct Debit, although Standing orders and Debit Card payments are acceptable. 

  • Ensure the garden is free of waste and pet faeces. If either are present, we will not be able to do the work 

  • Ensure the gardens is accessible when we call. If we cannot access the gardens, we will leave a calling card asking the customer to contact us. If no contact is made within 7 days, we will not return until the next scheduled visit. 

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Any questions, compliments, or complaints about the service, please get in touch using the online form or contact the team on 01302 736536. 

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