Corporate Plan 2024-29 – Focus on Homes

SLHD Corporate Plan 2024 29 V31 Feb (1)
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Earlier this month we launched our new Corporate Plan. This document is like a roadmap that shows how we will keep improving the services we provide for our customers as we move toward 2029.

Our Corporate Plan is split into four main themes – People, Homes, Communities and Partnerships – and this week we are focussing on the second theme, Homes.


We all want a place that we can call home, so being able to live somewhere that is safe, secure, affordable and has modern facilities is something that everyone needs.

We always strive to make sure that our tenants are satisfied with the homes and services that we provide. This includes offering an efficient and effective repairs service; ensuring homes are free from hazards and buildings meets the highest health and safety standards; and making homes more energy efficient so they are easier to keep warm and more environmentally sustainable.

Our overall aim is to provide good quality, safe homes at a rent you can afford.

To find out more, you can visit the Corporate Plan section of our website by clicking here.