Corporate Plan 2024-29 – Focus on Communities

SLHD Corporate Plan 2024 29 V31 Feb (1)
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Earlier this month we launched our new Corporate Plan. This document is like a roadmap that shows how we will keep improving the services we provide for our customers as we move toward 2029.

Our Corporate Plan is split into four main themes – People, Homes, Communities and Partnerships – and this week we are focussing on the third theme, Communities.


A thriving community is a place where families can grow, neighbours support and look out for each other, and everyone has the opportunity to lead a happy and successful life.

To achieve this we are tackling antisocial behaviour and crime where it happens, which is providing safer communities for people to live and work in. We are increasing engagement with diverse communities across Doncaster to help make sure everyone feels involved and part of the wider community. We are also offering opportunities for people to access training and find employment through schemes such as our World of Work and apprenticeship programme.

Our overall aim is to help build communities, not just houses.


To find out more, you can visit the Corporate Plan section of our website by clicking here.