Corporate Plan 2024-29 – Focus on People

SLHD Corporate Plan 2024 29 V31 Feb (1)
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Earlier this month we launched our new Corporate Plan. This document is like a roadmap that shows how we will keep improving the services we provide for our customers as we move toward 2029.

Our Corporate Plan is split into four main themes – People, Homes, Communities and Partnerships – and over the next few weeks we will take a closer look at each of these, starting with People.

People are of course the most important part of what we do – whether that is our customers who are the focus of the services we offer, or our staff members who are essential to delivering the services that our customers rely on.

Our aim is to get it right for our customers and staff. To find out more about how we will do this, you can visit the Corporate Plan section of our website by clicking here.