Pie & Peas Christmas Extravaganza at Castle Close Communal Hall, Tickhill

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To combat social isolation over the festive period, Chair of Tickhill TARA, Claire Hodgen, worked alongside businesses in the area to provide a good and hearty hot meal to the community. A local nursery also brought a small number of children to sing Christmas carols, to everyone's enjoyment. The event was such a success, it had to be done in two sittings; and some meals were also delivered to the door for those who struggled medically to leave their homes. 

Some comments of the day were "That was absolutely beautiful, best Christmas pudding I've ever had!" and "This is the first time I've been out of my home for a while and it's been worth it, I want to come again!".

When asked why she put the event together, Claire said "To see everyone come together and becoming friends makes everything I do worthwhile. Some of these tenants and residents don't get out much at all, so to see new faces coming in means we are doing something right!"
"To some it's only a meal, but to everyone in that room, it's friendships forming and that isolation being driven away. This Christmas may very well be someone's last, so if we can help to make it a beautiful one - how amazing is that?"

Claire urges everyone to get involved and help to make a real difference to someone's life.