Apprentice Appreciation Awards 2024

Apprentice Appreciation Awards 2024
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On Friday 9 February, we held our Apprentice Appreciation Awards 2024 where our apprentices had the opportunity to wind down, get to know each other, and have their journeys celebrated!
The day started with a communication session hosted by our careers team. Apprentices watched animations based on the importance of communication, and how effective an interaction with a person can be in any situation. They then took part in a game of stand up charades, which resulted in a lot of laughs and further demonstrated the difference it can make to always be clear and concise when speaking and acting.

Apprentices and other staff members were then reminded about our own St Leger Homes values and code of conduct. They were also encouraged with three simple steps to make things easier: 

1.) At work, always have your work phone with you
2.) Check your emails and other messages
3.) Make time to respond to these
We were then joined by White Rhino, the experts in corporate team building events. Apprentices took part in Challenge 100, where teams had to work together in a race against the clock, using their different skillsets and abilities to complete 100 varied tasks and win the most points. 

Our awards ceremony took place in the afternoon. All staff were asked to nominate apprentices for the following categories. A big well done to all, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and we are so excited to see how far you go!

Apprenticeship Champion Award - This award celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to champion apprenticeships. They may work closely with the apprentices, passing on their knowledge and skills or their character may provide inspiration to others.

Winner - Georgia Hawcock and Maxine Johnson 


Learner Award - This award celebrates an apprentice who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to their apprenticeship programme. Not only does this include the on-the-job day to day learning, but also the off the job learning that is done at college.  

Winner - Connor Jackson 


Outstanding Work Award - This award celebrates an apprentice who has constantly produced work of an outstanding quality. They value attention to detail, and appreciate that the standard of work they complete will add to their reputation and ensure they are seen as being reliable and professional.   

Winner - Tamzin Swales 


Living Our Values Award - This award celebrates an apprentice who has clearly demonstrated how they embody the St Leger Homes values of Fairness, Excellence, Empowerment and Local.  

Winner - Jackson Abbott and Clair Hibbet 


Rising Star Award - This award celebrates an apprentice who has made impressive progress in their apprenticeship to date and has the potential to go even further.  

Winner - Blake Morrison 


Career Progression Award - This award celebrates an apprentice who has completed their apprenticeship within the last two years and progressed into employment with St Leger Homes, achieving their career goals.  

Winner - Ethan Hall 


Unsung Hero Award - This award celebrates a person who, over several years, has quietly contributed to the success of the apprentice scheme at St Leger Homes.  

Winner - Kevin Butler 

A good day was had by all, and it was great to see the real talent we have cultured in our team. Thank you to all who got involved, we’re really looking forward to next year! 
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